Polio Swimarathon

Battle of the Sexes…
                        …against polio

Sadly, polio lives on and is using the current global COVID-19 pandemic to blossom, as medical help is precluded from disbursing live-saving vaccine. Our battle as Rotarians continues to stem the swelling tide. 

How can you help?

  1. Donate at https://raise.rotary.org/RotaryClubofCabarrusCounty/challenge
    • Be sure to use the email in your Rotary profile so your donation will be linked to your giving history.
    • NO transaction fees are taken from your donation.
  2. Share this link with others and ask them to donate today.  Remember $1 = 5 lives saved!
  3. Join the Club Team (Splashers)

           Click on the link above and scroll down to Join the Team, then begin raising money!   (you do not have to be a Rotarian to join –               perfect for youth clubs and families).

  1. Sponsor Robert or Margie, as they are committed to swim for four - yes four - hours. (Maybe ‘committable’ is a better word). They have set personal goals of raising $2,000.00 each. 

MARGIE: https://raise.rotary.org/Marjorie-Benbow/challenge

ROBERT:  https://raise.rotary.org/Robert-Kirk/challenge

At the end of the fundraiser, we will tally how much each the females versus the males raised.  

The best way to keep polio a distant memory is to defeat this life stealer. DONATE TODAY

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