The Rotary Club of Cabarrus County Experience

Sponsor a Member

Downloads for sponsoring a new member:

    • Sponsor Proposal for Prospective Member (to be filled out by Rotary Sponsor)
    • Member Application (to be filled out by Prospective Member) – there is also a $50 application fee

Full Circle Club

The Full Circle Club is an outreach program of the Rotary Club of Cabarrus Rotary ClubCounty designed to bring in a more diverse demographic to our membership. The Club meets twice a month – usually once for a meeting and once for a service project.

The Full Circle Club differs from a traditional Rotary Club in that

  • members take turns planning and executing the meetings and projects,
  • memberships can be “shared” with a partner and one or both welcomed at every meeting, and
  • Dues are $52 per quarter.

The Full Circle Club specifically targets

  • people who can not commit to weekly meetings and
  • people that want to serve but are challenged if Club Dues are more than $200 per year for membership.
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